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              Shandong Dahe Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
              Project consultation: +86 18866771060
              Website: www.eyewnder.com
              Email: ella@dahe-cnc.com
              Address: Chenjiacun Industrial Park, Wangliu Street, Weifang Weicheng District

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              +86 18866771060
              Channelume Coil for Channel Letter Position: Home ? Products  ? Channelume Coil for Channel Letter
              TF Type Channel Letter Coil

              TF Type Aluminum Coil For Channel Letters


              Specification Aluminum Coil For Channel Letter Return


                    Regular Color       Red, White, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Silver(Aluminum)

                   Brush Silver, Brush Gold, Brush Rose Gold

                   Mirror Silver, Mirror Gold, Mirror Rose Gold

                    Regular Width      6cm, 8cm, 10.8cm
                   Regular Thickness        0.5mm, 0.6mm
                  Application      Channel Letter, Resin Sign, Supper Sign, Logo, and Other Outdoor Indoor Signs


              Sign Sample of TF Type Aluminum Coil For Channel Letters