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              Shandong Dahe Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
              Project consultation: +86 18866771060
              Website: www.eyewnder.com
              Email: ella@dahe-cnc.com
              Address: Chenjiacun Industrial Park, Wangliu Street, Weifang Weicheng District

              Hot Line

              +86 18866771060
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              1325 CO2 Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine



              1. Engraving and cutting integrated laser machine mainly used for non-metal engraving and cutting.

              2. Applicable for Acrylic, Fabric, Wood, Paper, Stone, Organic Glass, PVC, Leather, Plastics, Ceramics, non-woven Fabrics, MDF material, Hair Felt, etc.

              3. Applicable for Sign and Advertising Industry, Textile Industry, Gift Craft Industry, Package and Decoration Industry


              Function Introduction:

              1. Surface Engrave: 60/80/100/130/150W has limits on engraving depth, and miximum depth doesn't exceed 2mm.

              2. For Cutting: take acrylic as example, 60W: 0-10mm, 80W: 0-15mm, 100W: 0-20mm, 150W: 0-25mm. Specific cutting depends on materail. Galss and stone can not be cut, but can engraving.

              3. Motorized up and down 27cm.

              4. If you need to engrave cylinders such as vacuum cups, bamboo tubes, etc, or shaped cylinders, such as hoists, you need to purchase simple rotating or standard chuck accessories.