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              CNC bender selection method must see!

              Sources:www.eyewnder.com | PublishDate:2019.03.16

              At present, in the production of advertisement characters, the metal light-emitting words produced by numerical control bender are mainly handed over to the advertisement engraving machine or plasma cutting machine to complete the literal processing. With the rapid development of the advertisement production industry, the advertising equipment of literal processing has entered a mature stage of development; and the emergence of bender is bound to bring a revolutionary breakthrough to the advertisement production industry, there is another bender. Name, called the enclosure machine, are used to produce advertising words of the enclosure equipment, the following small braid you know how to choose CNC bender? Hope to help you all!
              1. Whether the design of mechanical structure is reasonable and durable, and whether it can meet the needs of batch high-strength typography
              As a professional metal cutting and processing equipment, bending machine's work is metal collision, cutting and arc bending. In fact, the equipment must have good durability. The purpose of purchasing this equipment is to achieve large-scale, large-scale, fast and accurate writing, so the stability and maintainability of mechanical structure design is very important. If the strength of the mechanical design is not enough and the user can not maintain it simply by himself, the maintenance in the later use process will become the biggest problem in the future work. There are many manufacturers'equipment on the market is gorgeous on the shell, but the main part of the mechanical heart is not to allow customers to further observe on the grounds of technical confidentiality. The main reason is that the mechanical part can not withstand scrutiny. If you choose these immature equipment, it means that you are the perfect test product of the equipment. Choosing the bender with unreasonable structure means that you will spend most of your time on the maintenance of the equipment.
              2. Is the design of control software easy to operate, humane and efficient?
              Software control system is the soul of the bender and the nerve control center that directs the mechanical part to complete specific actions. The rationality and convenience of software design determine the accuracy and efficiency of the bender processing. All kinds of humanized setting functions in bender software, such as intelligent interference check, angle opening, angle forming precision control, automatic intelligent compensation of inner and outer contour length, are very important.
              Matching of Machinery and Software
              With good mechanical parts and perfect control software, if it can not be matched reasonably, it can not be called intelligent numerical control equipment. There are many benders on the market in the actual application of a lot of instability, such as the length of the material, bending arc is not in place, the number of knife head swing is not accurate, these are the reasons for the lack of coordination between the software and mechanical parts of the equipment.