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              What are the power supply selection methods of plasma cutting machine?

              Sources:www.eyewnder.com | PublishDate:2019.03.16

              What are the power supply selection methods of plasma cutting machine? What should we pay attention to?
              1. According to the arcing mode, there are two kinds of plasma power supply: contact arcing and non-contact arcing. For NC matching, non-contact arcing mode should be chosen. To determine which arcing mode the plasma power supply belongs to, it is only necessary to see whether there is a button on the matched hand torch. In general, plasma power supply with current greater than 100A is non-contact arcing mode.
              2. Select the plasma power supply current according to the thickness of the plate to be cut.
              3. The plasma power supply can be used for manual cutting and also for matching with NC cutting machine. In order to realize the clamping of cutting torch on NC cutting machine, the straight handle cutting torch for NC should be equipped when purchasing.
              4. The plasma power supply has inverters and thyristors, the former is lighter in weight.
              5. Choose the type of plasma power supply and the manufacturer according to the quality requirement of cutting section. Plasma cutting, because of the large melt top and small melt bottom, the cut section always has a certain slope, it is impossible to be as vertical as flame cutting, which is a worldwide problem. Ordinary plasma, slope up to 15 degrees. The plasma power supply can be divided into ordinary plasma, fine plasma and laser-like plasma according to the vertical degree of cutting section and cutting accuracy. At the same time, their prices are far from the same.
              6. The length of plasma cable should consider the distance between torch and plasma power supply in the whole range of cutting process. However, the long cable will reduce its arcing perforation and cutting ability.