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              What is the Purchasing Guide for the typewriter?

              Sources:www.eyewnder.com | PublishDate:2019.03.16

              The enclosure machine depends on whether the device has passed the test of large-scale typesetting. It's not enough to watch the live demonstration. Bring the panel and the document. It's the most important thing to install the directly curved contour together with the panel to see if it matches.

              Accurate matching of panel and contour is a key technology of typewriter bender (light leaks easily if not matched). To achieve this, besides the reasonable design of mechanical design and control system, the thickness of materials and the difference of font graphics have a great influence on the matching of contour and panel. When choosing a typewriter, if there is a problem in matching, workers are always required to keep working. If the size is repaired manually, it will not bring convenience but worry to customers. Unfortunately, the fencing machine manufacturer can not control the feeding accuracy well. The same size is longer and shorter, let alone study how to make intelligent compensation to ensure the accurate matching of panel and contour.

              As a professional processing equipment, the purpose of purchasing this equipment is to achieve large-scale and batch writing. Therefore, the stability and maintainability of its mechanical structure design are very important. If the strength of the mechanical design is not enough and the user can not simply maintain it by himself, the cost of later maintenance and use will also cause great trouble to everyone.