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              Edge Flow and Software Design of NC Enclosure Machine

              Sources:www.eyewnder.com | PublishDate:2019.03.16

              First of all, as the communication and operation interface between human and machine, it must be an efficient and fast software which is easy to learn, easy to import fonts, and no need to change the nodes of fonts. In addition, it must satisfy the following precision control to be qualified CNC operation software.
              1. The accuracy of arc bender is controlled at 0.01 degrees. Verification method: You can set the manual window to 0.01 and click on it. At this point, you are checking whether the moving distance in the processing information is 0.01.
              2. The color is uneven and the color difference is obvious. It is mainly reflected in the larger luminous words made by pure white LED. When assembled, the performance of a single module is not obvious. When the whole font is assembled completely, the color difference is obvious. The whole literal image is like a map, white, blue and yellow.
              3. Some strokes and the whole of the font suddenly do not shine or when it does not shine.

              4. The output power of font is large, and the power saving and energy saving are not obvious.

              NC Enclosure Machine Edge Procedure: Place the font on the glass, use glass curtain wall decorative tape to enclose the font, use 0.5-1 cm double-sided tape to attach one end of the selected aluminum edge to the protective film (to prevent resin from drilling into the edge), use aluminum edge along the font edge to mark the corner with a fine watercolor pen or artistic knife, and use the edge folder to mark the edge accurately. Angle folding, and then make appropriate adjustments to the font, where there are radians, use the rounder to roll the appropriate size of the circle, and then make appropriate adjustments to the font. The more the angle and radian coincide with the font, the more accurate the font is, the less the angle and radian coincide with the font. If the angle and radian do not coincide with the font, spelling in the font will cause inaccurate deformation of the font because of the elasticity of the aluminium sheet, Roll a circle to match the font and then proceed to the next step. After folding the edge, fix the edge with thermosol and decorative tape for glass curtain wall.

              Above is the introduction of NC enclosure machine in Xiaobian today. If you want to know more information, you are welcome to call for advice!