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              Principle and Application of NC Circumscriber

              Sources:www.eyewnder.com | PublishDate:2019.03.16

              The so-called NC enclosure machine is an automatic advertising device that automatically bends and shapes the outline of metal light-emitting words through software control and program processing. NC enclosure machine is of great use. At present, the literal processing of metal light-emitting words is mainly accomplished by engraving machine or plasma cutting machine. With the rapid development of the advertising industry, the advertising equipment of literal processing has entered a mature stage of development; and the appearance of fencing machine is bound to bring revolutionary breakthroughs to the advertising industry.

              Through the control of software, the enclosure machine can accurately fold out the enclosure of metal characters, and achieve high-precision embedding with the literal and the bottom board, which greatly increases the intensity and aesthetics of luminous words. Metal luminescent characters mainly include iron, stainless steel, aluminum and so on. Its main components include: feeding, slotting, bending, cutting and other functions. The main materials used are stainless steel strip, aluminium coil, special aluminium profile, iron coil, etc. After the material is transported at a specified distance through the feeding device, grooving, bending, cutting and other operations are carried out respectively, and then this step is repeated until the material is fully formed.
              The appearance of NC fencing machine breaks the pattern of traditional advertisement making and has a wider space in material selection. For material processing that traditional handicraft technology can not reach, such as stainless steel 0.8-1.2mm thickness, fencing machine can easily realize processing through automatic feeding, automatic slotting, automatic bending and other processes. Of course, for ordinary iron sheet, galvanized sheet, aluminium sheet and aluminium profile, the typewriter can also be perfectly processed.
              Features of NC Circumscriber:
              1. Curving arc cutting is stable, feeding, lifting, cutting, swinging knife, curving arc, once forming, ensuring the accuracy and stability of equipment cutting and curving arc.
              2. DC brushless speed-regulating motor is used for cutting, which can adjust speed and is more suitable for all kinds of materials.
              3. Closed-loop testing system, accurate assurance of feeding length to ensure that the error between finished products and source documents after processing is less than 0.1mm.
              4. Cutting square rail positioning to ensure cutting stability
              5. Intelligent compensation of springback coefficient of arc bender ensures the forming accuracy of various materials.