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              Shandong Dahe Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
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              Website: www.eyewnder.com
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              Introduction of Automatic Slotting Bender

              Sources:www.eyewnder.com | PublishDate:2019.03.16

              Automatic slotting and bending machine is a high-level equipment for the production of high-quality words. Through computer control, the outline of high-quality words can be automatically processed into words, so as to facilitate later use with the panel. The machine itself has the function of automatic double-sided grooving, one-time forming, instead of manual, will need to fold out the angle of the place through cutting, to achieve the function of folding, grooving function is more suitable for profiles and thick metals.

              Flexible bending method is adopted to make arc bending more smooth and meticulous. Slotting and bending functions can be combined randomly and used separately. The processed products can match perfectly with engraving machine, plasma laser machine and cutting equipment to ensure the technological integrity of the products.

              Its main components include: feeding, slotting, bending, cutting and other functions. The main materials used are stainless steel strip, aluminium coil, special aluminium profile, iron coil, galvanized sheet, etc. Stainless steel can be processed typeface is usually called stainless steel typeface bender, for aluminium profiles can be called aluminium profiles typeface bender.