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              How to Prevent Bolt Loosening of Type Bender

              Sources:Bending machine | PublishDate:2019.03.16

              The existence of bolts is an important link in the whole bending machine production process, but at the same time, the bolts are easily ignored, which is the details that the bending machine operators need to pay attention to. Today, Xiaobian lets you know how to prevent bolts from loosening in the bender.

              For loosening bolts of benders, the common measures people take are to increase friction and prevent loosening mechanically. Increasing the friction force is to keep the pressure between the tightened threads from losing due to the change of external load, so there is always friction resistance to prevent the connection from loosening. Anti-loosening measures to increase friction include installing spring washers and using twin nuts.

              Another is mechanical anti-loosening, which is achieved by employing various stop parts and organizing the relative rotation of threaded parts. The mechanical anti-loosening is more reliable, so the bender is widely used, such as open pin and groove nut, stop washer and nut, stop washer and round nut, series steel wire, etc. The above is about the introduction of bender, if you want to know more information, you are welcome to call for advice!