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              The Method of Making Luminescent Characters by NC Circumference Machine

              Sources:Numerically Controlled Enclosure Machine | PublishDate:2019.03.16

              White LED as a semiconductor light source, compared with the traditional lighting source, its power consumption is only about 20% of the latter. Its service life is as long as 100,000 hours, which is tens of times as long as that of ordinary lamps. It has good reliability and low cost of protection. The operating voltage is usually less than 5V. In addition to the LCD backlight of portable machine, it can also be used for outdoor lighting, remote mountain lighting, miner lighting and water environment lighting. Switching time is short, and the minimum response time can reach 1 microsecond. Usually the lamp is several milliseconds (200 milliseconds for the current light source). Environmental protection, no mercury and other harmful waste, consolidation is not easy to break, reduce waste pollution to the environment. LED lamp does not contain infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, and DC drive, no stroboscopic, is an environmentally friendly light source to protect vision. With the wide use of LED and the promotion of its function, a new lighting innovation is coming, which has become the consensus of all of us. What will this waiting innovation bring to you? This is the most concerned question of developing LED commodities and guiding shopping malls to carry out.

              First, the disorder of LED glyph and the different standards of different projects require that the light source be universal without glyph constraints.

              Second, because the repair of LED light-emitting words is extremely inconvenient after the device is completed, in order to reduce the cost of repair, the light source is required to have a longer life.
              Third, the LED light-emitting words should have the LED light-emitting module manufactured to meet the above needs of Nanjing Biya Engineering Department, which has the above functions. There are two kinds of LED light sources for stereoluminescent words supplied by Biya: piranha and straw hat. The piranha luminous module is suitable for the luminous characters whose wall height is between 8 and 10 cm.

              Generally speaking, 3 and 5 piranha have a luminous viewpoint of about 90 and 120 degrees. Under this interval, the light can be radiated completely by using the light emitting module of the piranha on the plastic absorption character. Not only the number of modules is saved, but also the use rate of light intensity can be stopped by the screen brightness meter test. The flat-headed piranha module and the small straw hat module with a light-emitting point of view of 160 degrees should be selected for the light-absorbing and carving light-emitting characters with short character walls and zigzag shapes. The larger the area of light radiation, the lower the amount of module, and the shorter the font wall and improve the brightness of the font. The combination of the two organically obeys the law of energy conservation and shows the importance of selecting the right LED.

              The light-emitting diode bulb is substantially different from the traditional white lamp both in structure and in principle. For a long time, people have not used light-emitting diodes for lighting, the main reason is that on the one hand, light-emitting diodes declare that the red, green and blue primary colors of light have not been completed, and also can not complete white light; on the other hand, the intensity and efficiency of light can not meet the lighting needs. Now this puzzling problem has finally been solved. Ultra-high brightness blue LED is chosen as the foundation, and many methods are used to complete the white light. A white light emitting diode light bulb has been developed to announce that the light is very close to the sunlight and has an outstanding application prospect. Because of this, the light-emitting diode light bulb will emerge from the center of the traditional electronic equipment indicator lamp and become a new star in the field of lighting, resulting in a new lighting innovation. Semiconductor ultra-high brightness light-emitting diodes (LED), especially nitride white light-emitting diodes, have the advantages of small size, low voltage, long life, fast response, no stroboscopic, less energy consumption and fewer heat. They are gradually becoming a new generation of green, energy-saving, environmental protection and long-life lighting sources.